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Welcome to Box47 Studios

Box47 Studios is a shared workshop/studio space in Downtown Toronto. We aim to provide a space for artisans and craftspeople to get started with their small creative business, and also to cater to the serious hobbyist that needs more space for their activity of choice.

We cater to people of all experience levels. From newcomers to seasoned veterans, everyone is welcome. We provide industrial grade tools for our members to use in a clean, safe, and friendly environment that's open 24/7.

These days there aren't too many places in Downtown Toronto where you can get the space to practice an industrial art, which is why we're so dedicated to providing a space that's suitable for everyone! We have members that are always happy to help less experienced people learn new skills, and the tools to let wood and metal-workers pursue their goals to the fullest.

As a member of the Box 47 family, you will have the opportunity to create, to teach, to learn and to grow as an artist. All while surrounded by supportive, like-minded individuals eager to explore new things, and share with you what they discover along the way. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and friendly environment that fosters a community atmosphere.

Want to know more?

For more info about Box47, our workshop equipment, members and memberships please have a look around our site and then visit our contact page.

We are currently accepting new members! Spaces are limited though, so contact us soon.